Elizabeth Eakins, Inc.

Living with Elizabeth Eakins rugs is an intimate experience. Handmade with an indelible care for natural fibers, each rug is an artifact with its own history, designed to endure. From its origins as a pencil sketch, to the dyeing of fibers timed by watchful eyes, to nimble fingers guiding a gradual presence on the loom, to a welcome statement underfoot, the human touch is ever present. Beloved to their richness, simplicity and ease of use, the sophisticated colors of Elizabeth Eakins rugs are meant to evoke the phenomenon of natural light gracing an organic form. Elizabeth Eakins fabrics are available in a large variety of textures and colors to suit every individual taste and project. The 100% wool and linen woven fabrics are strong enough for upholstery and wall coverings. For a lighter weight, the 100% hemp linen ground is available in an assortment of prints perfect for pillows and drapery. With over 60 patterns and multiple colorways, there is sure to be a fabric to compliment every pallet.

Available in: Not currently available in our showrooms.